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Managing Hazardous Waste for the Future


We are a small company that caters for the exact needs of the customer. Our range of professional services that makes the earth a better place for this and the coming generations. We consistently review our procedures and processes to fit the new regulations. We are proud to be a next generation company

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Biological Spillage

All bodily fluids clearance from accident scenes and also includes bacterial, viral and fungal dis infections

Oil spillage

Oil spillages from tankers and pipes into water bodies or onto crops.

Radiation Spillage

These includes radiophic machines, nuclear power stations and nuclear test sites

Chemical spillages

Chemical spillages from farms and industries these may have the potential to pollute the water supply sources

Mercury Spillages

Mercury Spillages from mines and other industries that use mercury. This includes medical and dental facilities

Post Flood clean ups

We clean all areas post flooding

Plastic recovery and recycling

We recover and recycle plastics from land and water bodies. We are looking into converting the plastic into useable products

Green Energy Installations

We install solar power plants of any size in any country